2014 marked the 20th anniversary of the genocide in Rwanda. In Rwanda, members of the Center are gathering for special Forum retreat weekends. To see pictures of past Forum weekends and other Center activities, click here to see our Facebook page

In the US, the Friends of the Rwanda Youth Healing Center are holding    events to raise awareness and support for the Center. Friends and UConn are thrilled to welcome Solange Nyirasafari, Executive Director of the RYHC to join us for the first time in the US.

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<<RYHC expanded partnership to accomplish greater impact actions and meet its social mission.With the support of its friends, the organization acquired and solemnly opened a center in Southern Province of Rwanda where it could gather youth for recreation, social and developmental activities like beekeeping. Three stages are on progress, which form RYHC model: Healing - Leadership – Livelihoods. We are building the partnerships to support livelihoods and we are encouraged by amazing progress and success>>.



                     RYHC Beekeeping cooperative


In 2004, the idea of the RYHC came to a Rwandan, Ernest Rugwizangoga who had moved to the U.S., returned to Rwanda for a visit and “[found] that Rwandans were still talking about the 1994 Genocide as if it had happened yesterday[. Y]ou could see and touch sadness, hopelessness, anxiety and deep depression.” When he returned to the U.S., he had the fortunate opportunity to participate in his first healing circle. Read




To ensure global healing and empowerment for genocide survivor youth and other vulnerable youth in Rwanda for better future leaving perspectives.

The Rwanda Youth Healing Center (RYHC), located in Ruhango, Rwanda, is a registered non-governmental organization which aids in the ongoing healing process and empowerment of Rwandan youth, especially genocide survivors and other vulnerable children. The Center’s approach integrates three areas of development: healing, leadership, and livelihoods. Read more...